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This is a community where you will be learning about the joys of living the simple life, on a real homestead. This site is the real deal, we live this life style daily and we firmly believe that this life style, has provided us with better health and peace of mind.

No this is not one of those pepper sites where we are getting ready for the world to come to an end.. Although I do think that Its a good idea to be prepared for an emergency, like the tornado we had here a few years ago where there was not electricity from more then two weeks, the gas stations couldn't pump gas and the grocery store were running low on goods even if you had the gas in your vehicles to get there. For a couple of days, many of the surrounding counties were closed off where no one could come or go. So there was no, Hey I'll just drive to the next town and pick some food up, well even if the grocery store had food and you had gas to get there, where were you going to store it? 
No Electricity.. No Refrigerator. No Stove..

This site is about learning to depend on yourself, becoming self-reliant, saving money in the long run, and eating healthier, as you will be learning to farm, hunt, and raise your own food. No more worrying about what chemicals have been sprayed on your fruits and vegetables, or what steroids and antibiotics the animals have been injected with, and what effects eating these commercial foods will have on your health later. 

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You are about to embark upon a journey where you'll be learning the following and much much more.


Gardening     Canning  
From Growing to Harvesting your crops.   Water Bath, Pressure Cooking, Fermenting
Herbs     Dehydrating
Growing, Harvesting, Recipes, and Medical Uses   Prep Work, Dying Times, Different ways of drying, How To Store, and Uses
Freezing     Curing and Smoking Meats
Crock Pots Recipes, Freezer Meals, and How Long Food Last In The Freezer  

Learn How To Cure & Smoke Your Meat On The Grill, Salt Box, & Smoke House. You Will Also Learn How To Build Your Own Salt Box & Smoke House Along With Lots Of Recipes To Try Out.
Raising Farm Animals   Hunting and Fishing Tips
Purchasing Animals & Feed, DIY Projects On How To Setup Your Homestead So It Works For You, Instead Of You Working For It   Field Dressing, Filleting, Tanning Hides, Making Clothing, & Much More!
Medical Tip & Supplies   Pest & Rodents
How To Treat Yourself At Home and Learn Where To Purchase Your Health Products For 50% Cheaper   Learn How To Control The Pest In Your Garden & Home Without Using Chemicals  That Could Harm Your Pets & Kids.
Community Center   Contact Us
Join Our Community Center To Discuss  Tips and Ideas With Others Like Yourself.   Contacting Us via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Thanks You Very Much For Joining Us Here At The Plain & Simple Living Homestead.